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Updated: Mar 16

It's the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians to keep themselves and others on the road safe. Still, every year, about 65,000 pedestrians are harmed, mostly by distracted driving or by being distracted themselves. Here are some tips for driving in a way that keeps pedestrians safe.

Expect Anything

When it comes to driving in close proximity to pedestrians, it's always wise to be prepared for the unexpected. Occasionally, children will jump out into traffic in pursuit of a ball or toy, or an adult may be hustling across the street just as the light turns green. Drive gently when you're backing out of a driveway in your neighborhood, keeping an eye out for pedestrians in your side mirrors.

Make eye Contact

Making direct eye contact with a pedestrian can help to ensure that he or she has noticed you and is aware of your position behind the wheel of a vehicle. Looking to make eye contact also lessens the possibility of an accident caused by distracted driving, because you are alert.

Drive Slowly

Slowing down in regions where there are a lot of pedestrians may seem like simple sense, yet some drivers today are in a hurry and neglect to move with caution when in such areas. Keep to the posted speed limit, especially when traveling through school zones. You should be mindful of the fact that it can be difficult to see all pedestrians, particularly when they are tiny children or in your blind spot.

Stay Alert

Keep in mind that when you're behind the wheel, you have a greater duty to everyone else on the road, including other motorists and pedestrians. Take great care of children who are not always where you would expect them to be. Keep an eye out for them at all times. Assume that people will cross the street in front of your automobile even if there's no crosswalk at the intersection in question.

Distracted driving is something you don't want to do. When driving, stay alert, expect the unexpected, make eye contact with pedestrians, and drive slowly to avoid hitting a pedestrian. If you do hit a pedestrian, contact your local lawyers to make sure you get the best defense possible. You will be glad you did.

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